Mr. Blondie

Mr. Blondie is a buck Rex rabbit around 12 months old with a stunning golden blonde coat. He is a real prize specimen, extremely hansom, and spends lots of time grooming himself as well as the females. He is especially affectionate to Loxy, and they spend the most time together as the dominant couple. He has an athletic build and enjoys his position as dominant male often spraying to mark his territory, and thumping his foot to warn the herd of any near by dangers - he is very protective of the does, and a big softy with the babies. Mr. Blondie is friendly with humans and enjoys a quick stroke, however he doesn't like to be held and struggles so much if you try that he usually ends up 6 foot in the air trying to jump out of your hands! We bought Mr. Blondie from a guy involved with the circus, and so the kids call him the 'circus rabbit!' But this is why he is such a good example of a blonde Rex rabbit.


Loxy is an older doe Rex rabbit with a lovely silver/grey coat who seems to be the dominant female of the herd. She favours Mr. Blondie, and enjoys being groomed by him, and on a sunny day they can often be found cuddled up together lazing on the grass. She has a kind temperament and will sometimes sit on your knee to be stroked. Loxy was feeding both her own and Pixie's babies, and we often saw her tending to both litters. Loxy and Roxy were the two rabbits we got first, and had previously been living in a cage on the local allotments.


Roxy is a mid-aged doe Rex rabbit with a chocolate brown coat. She has had her first litter in the cage as we thought she would be ready first, however the other two does ended up having their litters down the hole in the mean time! And we then decided this was the better option - just as it should be in the wild. Mr. Blondie started sitting outside the cage as she was ready to give birth, and after the babies were born he would often sniff around the cage rubbing his face and neck around the edges of the door (maybe he knew his handy work was inside!) So Roxy has just been re-introduced to the rest of the herd, and is therefore acting like the submissive one, spending time on her own and eating last, and so we are trying to encourage the others to accept her again. We are hoping she will then be able to have her next litter down the hole with the others.


Pixie is a young doe mini-Rex sized rabbit with a lovely dark blue/grey coat. She is smaller than the other rabbits, and has a really cute slender build, and pretty face. She is tough for her size and a feisty little thing when it comes to protecting the herd - so much so she first attacked Roxy on coming out the cage and we had to separate them a few times! She has a good nature and temperament, she loves kids and will gently eat from your hand. She does not like to be held and is the only one who never has been as we literally can not catch her! She seems to be faster than the other does and more nimble at ducking and diving! She sleeps on her own on the front door step every night, and all of them run to greet you when you open the door! We bought Pixie from Clitheroe auction, and she is a lovely example of the so-called mini Rex variety.  


Some of our very first litter of kits as they first pop their heads out of the hole!

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