Located in Astley, Manchester our family includes Mum, Dad, 2 girls 3 dogs, and a garden full of rabbits! We currently have 4 Rex rabbits living outdoors in the front garden. There are 3 females and a male, and each of the 3 does have just had their first litters with us. The rabbits are free to roam in the garden and are obviously very comfortable and happy here. The adults are becoming more and more tame, and just like dogs they run up to you each time you pass! They even stand on two legs to eat food out of your hand. When the females got pregnant they dug a hole in the garden and the babies have all been born down the hole - just as nature intended!

We will be selling most of these first litters, and breeding again for most of the summer. Please feel free to come down and take a look with no commitment to buy - the kids can sometimes feed the adults and hold the babies whilst you are welcome to take photo and video footage. And most of the young ones are for sale for anyone who is interested - check out the FOR SALE tab for current information, and please leave a comment to contact us via the blog, or alternatively phone or text the mobile to check availability and viewing times.


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